8Bit Theme

A theme for retro gamers and tech geeks.


Text Shadow

This paragraph uses the "flow-text" class. This means that the text will re-size appropriately on mobile devices.

Here is a paragraph without flow-text.

List Examples

  • Level 1-1
  • Level 2-3
  • Level 4-5
  1. World 1-1
  2. World 2-2
  3. World 3-5

Cover Bit Block

This block takes any image and pixelates it! Below, the image on the left is the original image. The same image (right) is set to 3 pixels.

Image Block


Cover Bit

Retro Gamer 8-Bit

Bit Buttons

This theme includes a simple "Bit Button" block! Below are the styles.

How to Avoid Default Block Borders

By default, 8Bit theme adds a border around every block added to a page. However, you can easily avoid this. Simply add a custom layout! For example, add a 1-column layout to avoid borders within that layout area.