EZ Series Addon Line-Up for Concrete5

EZ Ajax

Easily load content on any page via AJAX.

EZ Bio

Easily add a bio block to any page.

EZ Event

Easily add event information to any page. Includes Meetup integration.

EZ Jobs

A lightweight jobs listing package.

EZ Modal

Easily add modal content to any page.

EZ Paypal

Easily add a buy now, subscription, or donation Paypal button!

EZ Podcast

Easily embed an audio file.

EZ Preview

Add a responsive preview tool to your page.

EZ Print

Make printable content areas and image galleries.

EZ Product

A lightweight product shopping cart solution. Add an Ebay, Etsy, Amazon, or Shopify product to any page.

EZ Realty

Easily create real estate postings.

EZ Recipe

Easily add a recipe block to your page!

EZ Text FX

Easily add text with some cool effects! Gradients, animations, and more.